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To transmit the message of panache and courage in the service of France that the Musée de la Cavalerie aims to illustrate, a dynamic and motivated team is at the service of visitors under the competence of Colonel GARNIER de LABAREYRE, curator of the museum.

Lieutenant Colonel Pierre GARNIER de LALABAREYRE 
Curator of the Armored Museum and the Cavalry Museum
Active officer, graduate in museology from the Ecole du Louvre and in military history.

THIS MUSEUM ALLOWS THE MILITARY to reinforce their historical culture and the history of their weapon. It constitutes an essential instrument of cohesion and is quite naturally of great importance for the former soldiers thanks to whom the current heritage has been transmitted to us.

THE MUSEUM SHARE WITH THE GENERAL PUBLIC AND FAMILIES the adventure of the French armored cavalry from its creation to the present day. It bears witness to the glories and sorrows of France and to the spirit forged by the long complicity between man and horse. Thus, it maintains and develops the Army-Nation link.

The Missions Of The Cavalry Museum
Cavalry Museum

A documentation center, accessible on request, completes the collections. With 18 works ranging from the 000th to the XNUMXst century, this library is a valuable training tool on the cavalry and its history.